Facts About Aging and Alcohol National Institute on Aging

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7 Blogs About Recovery, Recommended By People In Recovery

Content Contacts and Resources Venice’s Popular ALCOHOL-FREE Bottle Shop, THE NEW BAR, Turns One & Hosts a Pickleball Tournament Matte Articles and Blogs Data Recovery Angels Support Your Recovery Sandra’s brother, Britton, an Army Veteran, struggled with prescription opioids after an injury. She wants others to know that people with opioid use disorder are not […]Continue reading

Drinking a Little Alcohol Wont Kill You Before Someone Who Never Drank

It is critically important to seek out a professional alcohol addiction treatment program to safely detox and withdraw from alcohol use. However, once the cirrhosis and its complications develop, which can include fluid accumulation in the abdomen and bleeding in the digestive tract, the prognosis is much worse. In fact, only about half of the […]Continue reading

Essential tremor: Symptoms, causes, and diagnosis

Patients in this study did not have any significant side effects. Caprylic acid is being researched as a possible treatment for essential tremor. It has currently been approved by the FDA and designated as GRAS, and is used as a food additive and has been studied as part of a ketogenic diet for treatment of […]Continue reading

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At the same time, homes must employ a balance of structure and freedom as part of their services. It should be able to provide a healthy environment for recovering addicts to heal themselves one step at a time. A sober living home offers the same structure as inpatient establishments, including recovery meetings. Regular drug tests […]Continue reading