What is an income statement

Company management often has incentive to engage in manipulation and auditors do not always catch on. Reading the income statement and management’s discussion of its business (together with the balance sheet and footnotes, as well as the cash flow statement) provides clues for vigilant investors. An Income Statement is one of the fundamental financial statements that help […]Continue reading

Sample Balance Sheet and Income Statement for Small Business

To create a balance sheet format in Excel for the proprietorship business, we will show step-by-step procedures. Here, we discuss how to create assets sheet, liability, and shareholder’s equity sheet individually. If the total assets are equal to the combination of liability and shareholder’s equity, then our balance sheet for proprietorship will be completed. Let’s […]Continue reading

Capital Budgeting: Definition, Methods, and Examples

In either case, companies may strive to calculate a target discount rate or specific net cash flow figure at the end of a project. Working capital management is a company-wide process that evaluates current projects to determine whether they are adding value to the business, while capital budgeting what is the theory of constraints and […]Continue reading

What Is The Difference Between Accounts Receivable And Notes Receivable?

Note receivable assets can include both short-term and long-term notes payable. For accounting purposes, a payee records a note receivable as an asset on its balance sheet and the related interest income on its income statement. The portion of the note receivable due to be repaid within one year is classified as a current asset […]Continue reading

What is Certified Payroll? Heres What You Need to Know

Certified payroll is one aspect of construction accounting that can be especially confusing for small business owners. To help you gain a better understanding of this concept, we’ll dive deeper into the basics of certified payroll. The simple answer is, federal construction projects have more rules and regulations than other commercial projects. At Paypro, we […]Continue reading

Petty Cash Financial Services The University of Chicago

Content Establishment of Petty Cash and/or Change Fund Petty Cash Physical credit cards Financial Services Search form What Is a Petty Cash Receipt and Who Should Sign It? For example, you don’t want to use petty cash for high priced expenses, so it can help to set a dollar limit, such as $25.00. Anything over […]Continue reading

How to Create a Stockholders Equity Statement

Content What Is Shareholder Equity (SE) and How Is It Calculated? Cash Flows from Operating Activities b) filings need to done on time for Co-founders of startups. What Are Stock Issuances? Carbon Collective is the first online investment advisor 100% focused on solving climate change. We believe that sustainable investing is not just an important […]Continue reading

Classified Balance Sheet Example Definition Template Explanation

Content Advantage of Classified Balance Sheet Financial Accounting What Is a Classified Balance Sheet, and Do You Need One for Your Business? Purpose of a Classified Balance Sheet What is the accounting equation? Notes to the Financial Statements A brief review of Apple’s assets shows that their cash on hand decreased, yet their non-current assets increased. […]Continue reading